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 By: By Ingrida Briede/Church Newspaper “Svetdienas Rits” (“Sunday Morning”) – 13.02.2006

[Latvia] It Is Good to Meet One Another

In the beautiful column hall of the Riga Museum of History and Navy, a noble gaggle of guests invited by the Archbishop was together on January 12th, to listen to the musical presentations by the Schola Cantorum and Artis Gágs and the speech by the Archbishop and to meet one another in personal discussions.

At the beginning of his speech, the Archbishop asked the question which many a person may have certainly asked themselves as well: “Surely, some of you have asked themselves, why all of this had to be just in this company. Certainly, it isn’t easy to compile the list of people to be invited correctly. That is why you shouldn’t ask for any hidden intentions or complicated principles of selection. We are here because we have celebrated Christmas and anticipated the New Year. We are here to meet one another and because we have already realised in the past year, that we enjoy it. If we had a larger room at our disposal, it could have been much more guests. The main criterion is the crossing of our paths in the past year. Even if it didn’t always happen directly, then at least on the basis of exchanging ideas. Even if it didn’t always happen in complete accordance, then at least with the same goal – to contribute something so that this country wants to become a good living sphere.”
In the course of the evening, there was another nice surprise – the musicians Normunds Kietis and Inita Àbolina performed from the album “Christrose” newly published by the Church, which contains works of Latvian musicians with texts from our hymn book. Kárlis Lácis and Gints Pabérzis delighted their listeners with instrumental contributions.

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