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 By: By Ingrida Briede/Church Newspaper “Svetdienas Rits” (“Sunday Morning”) – 13.02.2006

[Latvia] Miracle and Gift

An enormously fat book with many colour photos. That is the first volume of the “Encyclopaedia of the Lutheran Churches of Latvia” published shortly before Christmas 2005. On December 21st, the great hall of the consistory was much too small to fit everyone who had come to congratulate the author and the publishers.

The Minister for Child and Family Affairs, Ainárs Bastiks, said, “It is written in the Bible that ‘a day in thy courts is better than a thousand’. This book is a hint to the riches of Latvia.”
The director of the Rundale Palace, Dr. Imants Lancmanis, said, “Let us place today’s events into our time. The publication of this book finishes a process, which lasted almost 150 years. At first, the publication of this book seemed impossible, because usually an editorial office of one’s own is needed for an encyclopaedia. Nevertheless, the job could be done - something we can now regard as miracle and gift to the entire Latvian people.”
Archbishop Jánis Vagis said, “I had the opportunity, to sit in on the design of this book from the beginning. The result is pleasing and delightful. I could compare the author to Abraham, who was given the promised son in senility.”
Currently, the nice volume is located in a couple of library bookshelves already. We hope that the next volumes will follow soon. We wish this book a blessed road to the reader.

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