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 By: Roland Kauffmann – 18.04.2006

[France] The “Messager” in a New Look – for All of Those, Who Are Looking For the Somewhat Different News

Since last week, “Le Messager”, the Protestant weekly journal of the Alsace and Moselle Region since 1945, is released in a new look with a completely revised layout, expanded from 16 to 20 pages, and continuously coloured.

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The new page line is characterised by an excess of reportages and information from the three “departments”.
In the examination of societal issues, the “Messager” strives to be thought-provoking for its readers, to challenge cultural and religious values, and, in doing so, to enhance the culture of discussion so important in the Churches of the Reformation.
The “Messager” is directed towards all of those who are looking for the somewhat different news, those, that cannot be found as headlines in the newspapers.
This way, initiatives and authentic experiences are to the fore.
With an average print run of 9,000 exemplars, “Le Messager” gets through to 25,000 readers in the region week per week.

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