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 By: Pāvils Brūvers – 26.04.2006

[Latvia] Several Bishops in the ELCL?

On March 22nd, the regular session of the ELCL chapter discussed about the ballot order of the bishop’s election and the forming of dioceses.

During the debates, the question whether the ELCL really needed more bishops or if more problems than solutions were created came up again. In the course of the debate, it became quite apparent, that pastoral care in the church would improve noticeably, if pastors and church workers as well as the rest of society got a hold of the bishop in everyday life more easily. Now, as the Archbishop has so many obligations in the Church and due to foreign relations, his calendar is already full to the brim with dates for the following weeks and months and he cannot be reached so easily as the occasion demanded because of that. A pastor, for whom a conversation with the leading clergy is urgently needed and acute, often has to wait for it for many weeks. Therefore, such concerns could be solved more easily and conversations could be carried on more calmly and with a greater spiritual depth.
The Chapter conceptually agreed to the ballot order for bishops presented, which includes the formation of a nominating commission, which would have to be elected at the special synod on October 14th, 2006. The task of this commission was to find suitable candidates for the bishop’s office on the basis of certain criteria and to present them at the next regular synod. This ballot order for bishops that was presented has led to broad discussion in all church districts of the ELCL.

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