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  – 28.04.2006

[Austria] Protestant Church: “Chernobyl Is Memorial for the Limits of Technical Feasibility”

Statement of the Evangelical Churches A. and H.C. on the 20th Anniversary of the Nuclear Reactor Accident

Vienna, April 26th, 2006 (epd Ö) – The Evangelical Church A. and H.C. has appealed to the Austrian government “to continue and intensify arguing for the withdrawal from the nuclear energy programme”. In a statement published on April 25th regarding the 20th anniversary of the nuclear reactor accident of Chernobyl April 26th, 1986, it is pointed out, that the current Presidency of the Council of the European Union allowed for “Austria to argue for an effective environmental policy doing justice to environment and generation”.
In the letter, that was signed by the Lutheran Bishop Mag. Herwig Sturm and the Reformed Superintendent Mag. Wolfram Neumann and sent to Chancellor Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel and Environment Secretary Josef Pröll, it is recorded: “As Church, we lobby for the use of unemployed energy saving potentials to decrease the energy consumption. Every one of us is asked to take on future responsibility and to organise one’s own life style environmentally sound and climate-sparing.”
In the statement, the 70,000 dead are commemorated, who have died of the consequences of the reactor catastrophe, as well as the numerous people, who have been born with damages in their genetic material and handicaps. It is also emphasised: “It concerns us, that grounds and waters were polluted indefinitely and future generations are at risk as well due to this. Chernobyl has become a memorial for the limits of technical feasibility.”
The statement remembers “the responsibility for man and nature that we bear before God”. This responsibility could only be complied with, “when we do without technologies that lead to unmanageable and irreversible consequential damages”.

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