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  – 03.01.2008

Happy and blessed 2008 to you all!

KALME: a solid network to strengthen you on the road to effective communication

Looking into the future for KALME and its member churches, one of the aims, as decided in the last assembly, is to get communication to or back to the level of church. Based on the opinion that church is communication, the executive committee of KALME has recently started to make a strategic planning for the upcoming three years with the motto: ‘European Communicative Church’*).

In reflections, not to be forgotten by looking into the future, I thought a lot about the meaning of being a communication program for minority churches. Is it still useful to think in terms of minority and majority in a society where churches face the same problems as in doing what has to be done with less people and less money? Does it make sense to differ between minority and majority when churches seem to loose track of people, especially young people? The Third thought about minority and majority is that minority gives me the feeling of underdog. At least it is what I sense a lot by visiting member churches.

Putting the future goals and my reflections together, I can only see communication of quality for churches, which act out of their own strength. Why are we church, what do we have to offer to people, what is our core being churches in the Lutheran tradition, what is our identity? Then, there is no use to make any difference between minority and majority, then, there is no need to act out of different feelings like ‘underdog’, ‘taken for granted’, or any other basic or unconscious attitude. To act out of your own strength means, in my opinion, to be proactive, not reactive or defensive.     
Together with the executive committee and of course you all as member churches I wish for everybody that 2008 will be a year to redevelop that strength. Wasn’t it a case of exactly this strength when Christianity started?  I hope that you will find KALME at your side, please use the benefit of a solid network.
I take the opportunity to draw your attention to our upcoming seminar in February: ‘Websites: attractive and informative, an inviting combination’, which will take place in London, England. More information is to be found on this website.

May God bless you all, happy 2008,

Praxedis Bouwman
President of KALME (Communication Committee of Lutheran Minority Churches in Europe)

*) Inspired by the motto of the Evangelical Lutheran church of Finland: ‘communicative church’

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