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  – 28.10.2009

[Poland] Rev. Jerzy Samiec is bishop-elect of Lutheran church in Poland

Jerzy Samiec, an ordained pastor, has been elected bishop of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland by the synod. Samiec will take office as from January 2010 for a ten years term. The bishop elect will success the current bishop Janusz Jagucki. Last April the Polish synod shortened the term of office of Jagucki because of charges of collaboration with the Polish secret police during the communist time in Poland.

Jerzy Samiec (46) graduated his theological studies in 1988, followed by his ordination in 1989 in Zabrze. There he started to work as a pastor, as well as in the parish of Gliwice. In the last parish he became senior pastor and organised, with others, the Evangelical Secondary School and High School in Gliwice. Being a member of the synod since 1998, Samiec became the president of the highest governing body of the church in 2007. The main points of interest of Samiec are mission and evangelisation.

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