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Silesian Evangelical Church A.C.

The Silesian Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession was founded in 1948 but its historical roots go back to the lifetime of Martin Luther.

Our church has developed from Pietist roots that can still be seen in most of its congregations. In the beginning of the 18th century Pietist pastors worked in the Jesus Church in Těšín. This movement continued in the 20th century and was linked to charity work.

Current Chuch Life

New church building in Nebory dedicated in 2001.
New church building in Nebory dedicated in 2001.
Christian Fellowship (Křesťanské společenství – Społecznosć Chrześcijańska) works with and within the church. This organization runs a plethora of activities in order to cultivate spiritual life in the church. The Silesian Deacony (Slezská diakonie) is the second organization working within the church. It runs 34 facilities providing social, psychological, pastoral and educational assistance.

Evangelical Lutherans work within the Evangelical Society (Evangelická společnost – Towarzystwo Ewangelickie) to promote a better understanding of Polish culture and heritage of our church. The church is bilingual. Czech and Polish are both used in the church. Members from both national groups live in harmony with each other.

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